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Science Communication Fellowship Program

Learning to Communicate Science



Scientists work on wonderful projects that would fascinate us all – if we could only understand what they are all about!  The Discovery Museum Science & Space Center is currently training 12 scientists to become science ambassadors and  -- excellent communicators -- who can explain their scientific work to general audiences. (Their goal is to learn to interact with “K to gray.”)  In December, they will engage Museum visitors with fun, interactive, content-rich learning activities. 

The Discovery Museum Science & Space Center is part of the Portal to the Public National Network.  This is one of only a dozen science centers across the country offering this program, which brings scientists and public audiences together in face-to-face interactions that promote appreciation and understanding of current scientific research and its applications.

The Museum is creating a cadre of well-trained Science Communication Fellows who will learn to educate and inspire people of all ages about the wonders, possibilities, and the responsibilities of science and its related fields.  Science Communication Fellows are scientists, engineers, graduate students, researchers, and other science-based professionals. The Fall 2012 Fellows class just finished their training at the Museum. Among other lessons, they are learning how to break down highly technical concepts and explain them using every day analogies and vocabulary. They also brainstorm on how to present their work in fun, approachable  “play” ways, including stories, games, and other activities. Each Fellow is challenged to develop unique, entertaining, hands-on ways to share and explain their particular scientific work with the public.