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We ARE closed for exhibit refurbishment THIS WEEK: August 24-28.
We will reopen Saturday, August 29 at 10:00AM.

field trips available monday-FridaY

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Outreach Programs

Grades K-1

Bring live science programs into your classroom!

Animal Encounter

Introduce your students to the world of animal science with an up-close encounter with three live animals from the Discovery Museum collection.  A museum staff educator leads your students in direct observation of the living animals to learn their similarities and differences, including an introduction to animal classification.  Learn about each animal's unique habitat and niche - and the physical adaptations that help the animals meet their basic survival needs.  Anima speciments, such as skulls, fur pelts, feathers, and shells further illustrate unique features and structures.

Amazing Rocks I

Children love rocks! Help make their first scientific encounter with rocks a memorable one.  We present rocks and how they are created in an enteratining way, but at the appropriate educational level.  There are four different learning stations with specimins and models.  Your students handle large samples of many different kinds of rocks and crystals at each station.

Dinosaurs I

Watch as your students learn the basics of dinosaur science while having fun.  They can satisfy their curiosity by touching real fossils and large dinosaur models at four different stations during this presentation.  Topics include what dinosaurs ate, how fossils are formed, dinosaur eggs, and much more.

Incredible Insects I

Did you know a dragonfly can fly 70 mph? Or that people in Africa have the largest beetle in the world as a pet?  These amazing examples, as well as basic insect anatomy are covered.  Includes interaction with live insects, such as petting a hissing cockroach, a close-up study for a live cricket, and more.  Four independent discovery stations provide personal encounters for a deeper understaind of insects and their environments.