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Outreach Programs

Grades 4-6

Bring live science programs into your classroom!

Amazing Rocks III

We bring an amazing array of specimens into your classroom to cover the basics about rocks.  But wait, there's more!  A staff science educator provides an appropriate grade level program for your budding geologists and paleontologists.  Students learn about life through time by placing real fossils on a six foot time line.  California fossils are part of this enhanced fourth & fifth grade program.

Dynamic Earth

This all-new program meets the needs of earth science content standards with large props and specimens.  We bring an elaborate cross section model of fault blocks that demonstrate how earthquakes occur.  Students can operate a real seismograph and see samples of seismograph records from the California Geological Survey.  A 16-in model of a volcano, in cross section, shows layers of Earth, the location of the magma chamber, and how molten rock reaches the surface.  A hands-on collection of rock specimens of the three geological types, plus California fossils are featured.

Intel's On the MoonTM

Houston, we have landed!  On the Moon brings hands-on engineering and the adventure of space exploration to life for your students.  Your fourth and fifth graders will use step-by-step instructions to build lunar landers and your sixth graders will use step-by-step instructions to build lunar rovers.  They will then explore the Engineering Design Process and Scientific Inquiry Process by testing and designing until they arrive at the best design solution. On the Moon was created by NASA and PBS Design Squad professional educators.