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Sacramento Science Discovery Weekends

Outreach Programs

Grades 2-3

Bring live science programs into your classroom!

An Animal's Niche in Nature

A live reptile, mammal, and bird from the Discovery Museum collection will visit your classroom and capture your students' interest in exploring ecology.  The unique behavioural and physical adaptations of each animal are highlighted to demonstrate their ability to survive.  Animal skulls are used to show the differences in teeth, while fur pelts and feathers show camouflage strategies.  Adaptation to life in the ocean is demonstrated with a Hawksbill Sea Turtle specimen.  These and more high-quality hands-on displays foster an understanding of each animal's place in nature.

Amazing Rocks II

We make rocks exciting for your students! Teachers and students alike are amazed at the large number and size of the specimens we bring to the classroom.  After a staff science educator leads a discussion on sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks, students circulate among four themed stations, touching, smelling, comparing, and learning about rocks and crystals while they handle them.

Dinosaurs II

We'll set up a dinosaur museum in your classroom using our large collection of specimens set up on five stations.  Everything is hands-on.  Your students hold models of large dinosaur eggs, raptor claws, and actual stones from the belly of a dinosaur. Learn about carnivorous and herbivorous dinosaurs - using real fossils.  Of course, we present the latest about Tyrannosaurus rex and provide many models - including a baby T-rex skull and a foot-long tooth for students to handle.

Incredible Insects II

Mimicry and camouflage are highlighted with a live walking stick, preserved owl eye butterflies, and the giant, eight-inch atlas moth.  Glimpse into the work of an entomologist by studying a working case.  Life-cycles of moths, bees and grasshoppers are revealed through detailed displays.  During the independent exploration time, students enjoy touching the hissing cockroach and feel paper made by a wasp.

NEW! Intel's On the MoonTM

Launch It

3...2...1...Lift Off!  On the Moon brings hands-on engineering and the adventure of space exploration to life for you students.  You students will use step-by-step instructions to build air-powered rockets.  They will then explore the Engineering Design Process and Scientific Inquiry Process by testing and redesigning until they arrive at the best design solution.  On the Moon was created by NASA and PBS Design Squad professional educators.