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Girl Scout Programs


Complete your Girl Scout Skill Builders at the Discovery Museum! 

Brownie Skill Builders


Bugs help us in lots of cool ways. Explore the world of bugs and learn more about these little creatures that do so much. Brownies will:

  • Learn the parts of an insect
  • Make a fun and creative bug craft
  • Observe and learn about three unique insects living at the museum
  • Explore insect homes
  • Visit the museum’s live insect collection and study preserved insect specimens

Home Scientist

By paying careful attention during experiments, scientists learn new things—even if they’ve done the test before. That means you don’t have to grow up to be a scientist. You’re a scientist every time you do an experiment! In this badge, find out where science has been hiding in your own home. Brownies will:

  • Experiment with ingredients you can find in your kitchen and observe their yummy reactions
  • Learn about static electricity
  • Experiment with density to learn how this property can affect floating objects
  • Create fun chemical reactions using carbon dioxide
  • Make a science toy to take home


You have five senses that work together to let you see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the world around you. Try all five in this badge! Brownies will:

  • Look around using your sense of sight to play games of observation
  • Discover if you can identify objects just using your sense of hearing
  • Use your sense of smell to follow a friend or figure out what is hidden in a jar
  • Experiment with the taste sense to detect flavors
  • Make a texture wheel to learn about touch


Junior Skill Builder


Stories, movies, and television are full of amazing detectives solving mysteries and bringing criminals to justice. Their jobs are important, exciting, and take serious skills—skills you can try in this badge. Grab your magnifying glass and dive into the science of detecting! Junior Girl Scouts will:

  • Make invisible ink
  • Learn about fingerprints
  • Study “evidence” using microscopes


Cadette Skill Builder

Special Agent

A special agent wears many hats—detective, scientist, psychologist, enforcer of the law. No wonder novels and shows about their work are so popular! In this badge, grab your magnifying glass and your micro-scope, and uncover your skills in one of the most exciting and demanding fields for investigative minds. Cadettes will:

  • Make and identify fingerprints
  • Learn what it is like to be an eyewitness
  • Participate in a laboratory experience extracting their own DNA


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