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Tuesday - Friday Noon - 4:30pm
saturday & sunday 10:00am - 4:30pm

We are open Monday, March 30
NOON - 4:30PM
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Sunday, April 5 for EAster

field trips available monday-FridaY

Sacramento Powerhouse Science Center

Sacramento Science Discovery Weekends


Bring your students to Sacramento's only public planetarium to learn about the universe!  All shows include backyard sky-watching tips.

Our Place in Space Grades K-1, 45 minutes

Are other planets hot or cold? What is the Moon made of? Explore our part of space and learn about the properties of planets and moons. We begin close to the warmth of the Sun and move farther and farther away to the coldest parts of our Solar System and beyond to the stars.

Cosmic Neighborhood Grades 2-3, 60 minutes

Earth orbits the Sun and allows us to see different things at different times of the year. Join us as we discover how the sky changes from one season to another. Students learn how to "star hop" using the position of one constellation to find another. Of course, many other objects orbit the Sun just as we do.  From planets to comets, this program examines all major objects found in the Solar System.

Robot Quest Grades 4-6, 60 minutes

In a vast galaxy teeming with billions of stars, the Sun doesn't seem exceptional, yet it is literally what holds our Solar System together. This program examines the Sun and its environs through the eyes (or, rather, lenses) of robotic explorers. Journey to destinations across the Solar System following landers, orbiters, and rovers as they change the way we understand our part of the galaxy.

Space Adventure Grades 7+, 60 minutes

The Milky Way is our home; amazing sights greet us as we gaze out into the galaxy. Come with us as we discover wonders both far and near. From distant stars to our own "astronomical backyard," we view the galaxy and our Solar System through images from NASA and space agencies from around the world.


Call 916-485-8836 to schedule a field trip or visit.