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Boris is a Desert Tortoise, the state reptile of California.  He is an herbivore who enjoys a variety of fruits and vegetables.  Lettuce is his favorite food!





Samantha is a domesticated, female Three-toed Box Turtle.    She was donated to the museum in 1997.  Even though she has a shy demeanor, her feisty side shows when an earthworm is given to her for breakfast.







Bump is a domesticated, male Three-toed Box Turtle.  He is our oldest resident, having been born in 1958.  Despite his age, he is full of energy and is always getting into trouble.






Mr. Butters came to the museum in 2013 as a private donation.  He is a Gecko and spends the majority of his day eluding our visitors by hiding throughout his enclosure.  Can you find Mr. Butters?





Mr. Lizzy, the Skink, was donated by the same family as Mr. Butters.  Although different species, the two reptiles get along very well and have been kept in the same enclosure for years.  My. Lizzy is always on the ground, while Mr. Butters prefers to be high up.