Discovery Museum Hours

Open Everyday
Monday - Sunday 10:00am - 4:30pm
& Some Holidays

Winter Schedule starts Tuesday, September 1
Tuesday-Friday  Noon - 4:30PM
Saturday-Sunday  10AM - 4:30PM
CLosed on Mondays

field trips available monday-FridaY

Sacramento Powerhouse Science Center

Sacramento Science Discovery Weekends


The Discovery Museum Science & Space Center rotates exhibits about every six months. Each exhibit is designed to be an interactive experience for all ages. Activities include hands-on stations with specimens or experiments. Search and find guides are designed for each exhibit and are based on the California State Science Standards. Play areas and costume areas are particularly popular with families.

Permanent Exhibits and School Programs:

  • Challenger Learning Center - students take on the roles of astronauts, scientists, and engineers and launch into space on simulated NASA missions (School program and occasional public missions)
  • Archaeology Dig - students work in teams and use the scientific method to uncover relics that tell the stories of the fictional societies once inhabiting museum grounds. (School program)
  • Planetarium - the only public planetarium in the Sacramento area; featuring tours of our celestial neighborhood. (School programs during the week, public programs for visitors 4 years of age and older on weekends)
  • Outreach - topics include robotics, rocks, fossils, dinosaurs, raptors, insects, amphibians, mammals, and geology. Our educators take hands-on displays, activities, and equipment directly into classrooms.
  • Nature Discovery Room - indoor animal exhibits and related programs and activities tailored for children. Featuring birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, fish, and invertebrates.
  • Science Discovery Weekends - featuring a different science topic or special exhibit each weekend with guests, displays, and hands-on activities. Always family friendly!

Rotating Special Exhibits:

  • Bone Zone - study and compare animal skeletons, learn ways to maintain healthy bones at the "Doctor's Office" and "Healthy Diner" play areas
  • Got Trees? - featuring exhibits on plants and forest wildlife
  • Blast From The Past: Rockin' Rocks and Diggin' Dinos - displays and activities involving rocks, fossils, dinosaurs, and pioneering paleontologists
  • Space Quest! - an exhibit about science and the solar system

Special Programming Sectors:

  • Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts
  • Homeschools
  • Preschools
  • Ten different summer camps
  • Family Science Nights
  • In-services for classroom teachers
  • Public Challenger missions eight times per year