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Sacramento Powerhouse Science Center

Sacramento Science Discovery Weekends

Current Exhibit

Space Quest!

Our most popular exhibit about science and the solar system is back for 2015 with new and updated hands-on components. Space Quest! is a major interactive exhibit at the Discovery Museum Science & Space Center. 

altThe ever-popular rocket-ship play area—complete with astronaut costumes and helmets—and the Cosmic Café play-space. The Cosmic Café also features a display demonstrating the sugar, fat, and salt content in every-day foods.
Learn the latest about the planets and the universe through interactive stations and displays. Discover more about our solar system from our Venus, Mars, and Moon hands-on table models, or learn how a Moon or Mars base might work in the Ecozone System mini-display. Aspiring astronauts will enjoy “pulling some G’s” on the bicycle gyroscope and rotation chair, using the spectral and velocity tube apparatus, or trying out the re-designed glove boxes.
On loan from NASA is a scale model of the Mars Rover, Opportunity. This exploration vehicle landed on Mars on January 25, 2004 and still continues to collect data from the Red Planet today.
Additional areas of interest include the elements of the universe and the color and light room.
“Science Encounter” guide-sheets are available for those who want to learn more. Guests can search the exhibit to find the answers to these fun, grade-specific questions.

altSwim for your life! Preview one of the future exhibits at the Powerhouse Science Center. This interactive exhibit invites you to be a salmon—swimming in the river and avoiding all the obstacles that await an unwary fish. Will you be caught by a fisherman? Eaten by a bear? Swooped up by an eagle? Swim, little salmon, swim! Can you make it to the top of the fish ladder?