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Sacramento Powerhouse Science Center

Sacramento Science Discovery Weekends

Current Exhibit

January 18, 2014  January 4, 2015

(Closed January 5-16, 2015 for exhibit changeover)

 Thank you to IBM for sponsoring this exhibit!


Blast from the Past: Rockin' Rocks & Diggin' Dinos

It’s true: rocks rock! These fascinating artifacts from the past have lots to tell us about Earth’s ancient—and not-so-ancient—history.  Interactive displays will give visitors a real science encounter with rocks, crystals, and fossils of all kinds. The basics of sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks are presented in an engaging, hands-on style using large, attractive specimens. Displays include volcanoes, magnetism, fluorescence, and rocks under different magnifications.


Do you dig dinos? Discover the age of dinosaurs in our dramatic exhibits and presentations, including dinosaur artifacts, bones, and re-creations. Learn the latest facts about these fascinating extinct creatures and the Earth they lived on.

How do you find fossils? Learn how professional paleontologists who “dig dinos” for a living do their work. We focus on teenager Mary Anning and Roy Chapman Andrews (the real Indiana Jones!)—prominent paleontologists from the past. Young visitors are invited to try on costumes and learn about the adventures and careers of these pioneering scientists.


The Dinosaur Train is making a stop at the museum, ready to engage our youngest visitors with a new, colorful, and creative imagination play area. There are dinosaur costumes to spark the imagination, a dinosaur nest to play in, and lots of manipulative items to keep toddlers entertained.


Swim for your life! Preview one of the future exhibits at the Powerhouse Science Center. This interactive exhibit invites you to be a salmon—swimming in the river and avoiding all the obstacles that await an unwary fish. Will you be caught by a fisherman? Eaten by a bear? Swooped up by an eagle? Swim, little salmon, swim! Can you make it to the top of the fish ladder?

The popular Search and Find Guides, aligned to science standards, are provided at four different learning levels so all members of the family can learn and share together. Bring your cameras for great photo opportunities!