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Digging Up The Past

A Hands-on Archaeology Dig  

Grades 4-8

Students are immersed in a hands-on, interactive archaeological project led by a trained archaeologist. This unique program integrates multidisciplinary skills in a realistic simulation.

What does it really take to be an archaeologist? Your class will work in teams to uncover the story of the fictional people who once inhabited a corner of the museum grounds. Students participate in an outdoor simulated archaeological dig to really understand how archaeologists uncover and decipher clues about the past.

The adventure begins in the museum's classroom, where students receive an introduction to tools, methodology, and techniques to learn how archaeologists operate using the scientific method.

Next, organized into search teams and provisioned with tools and reference materials, students trek outdoors to the dig site. On site they begin the exciting search for buried artifacts—recording and cataloging each as it is uncovered. Once the artifacts are uncovered, students return to the classroom to research and identify their genuine artifacts and develop historical connections in order to produce a final report of their findings to their fellow archaeologists.

Students use scientific inquiry methods to study the past while employing every subject area necessary—including science, math, history, reading, geology, and art—for a successful and complete archaeological investigation.

"Digging Up the Past" is 2.5 hours in length (9:30 AM to noon), and is limited to 35 students. 

Call 916-485-8836 to schedule a field trip or visit.